Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How this blog is evolving

I've decide to divvy postings already made to this blog, as well as all my new postings, into three categories/blogs. I'm not sure how long I can keep three blogs going, but this is all  experimental/experiential for me, so I'll learn along the way. Blogging is still relatively new, so I'm not sure there are any exact rules about blogging or the number of blogs one is supposed to write anyway. And it's all free, so why not? (Will Blogger get sick of me at some point?)

  • Postings about home or places I have lived is migrating to an experimental collaborative blog called "Places I Have Lived." I'll link to it in a sidebar when I actually have more than 2-3 postings there.

  • Postings about blogging and writing will stay here and the blog will be continued to be called "Writing Home"--its focus will be on blogging/writing and, especially, finding a home for writing. I may invite participation from other writers about their experiences with getting published, writing blogs, etc. It depends on how much energy and time I have to read and solicit submissions from other people. 

  • Everything else that has no exact market/focus/audience in mind, but is just whatever I feel like writing about,  will now go into a blog called The Electronic Closet (...of Beth Blevins' Overactive Mind). This is a blog that is closed to search engines, so it's just for whoever stumbles upon it or wants to seek it out. There is no intended audience with this one, so it will offer me more freedom to write about what I want and maybe write more about my personal life and the right-now. I will basically use it to store essays in-process and vents.

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