Monday, April 13, 2009

Markets for flash fiction

At the flash fiction seminar I went to last Saturday, which was part of the Conversations and Connections conference in D.C., the panelists mentioned the following markets for flash fiction. (I've looked up all the links, so you won't have to!):

Alice Blue

Vestal Review

[Note: These are current as of April 12, 2009. I am not planning to update the list anytime soon, but let me know if you find a dead link and I'll update or eliminate the listings, as needed. Also, I have listed these in alphabetical order; the panelists shouted out the titles as they thought of them; the list does not differentiate according to audience, genre, reputation, etc.]

Someone at the seminar also mentioned Duotrope as a search engine useful to writers. However, I checked the Duotrope list of markets for short fiction, and did not see some of the publications listed above, so use it as an additional but not exhaustive source for flash fiction markets.


Beth Blevins said...

I've discovered another flash fiction market since the seminar: The Northville Review.

J. A. Tyler said...

noo journal is here, if that is what the above unlinked item was meant to be. it is a great journal for flash.

Beth Blevins said...

Thanks to j.a. tyler for giving me the link for noo journal (and giving me the correct spelling, which is why I couldn't find it on the Internet).