Friday, January 22, 2010

The shorter the better?

I know, I know, bloggers are supposed to keep their posts short—somewhere between a tweet and the length of one computer screen. But some weeks I only get to write these posts and I don't want to condense all I've been thinking about into a couple of paragraphs.

Still, I have to recognize that my most popular posts are also my shortest. I've gotten more comments and messages about the first (and shortest) post I did on depressing songs and on the one that was composed mostly of my daughter's drawing of a dying Washington Post than I have on almost anything else I've written about in the last year.

So, if brevity is what readers really want, this should be my most popular post yet.


Eric K. said...

Short blog entries, please
Don't take too much time to read
Leave more time to write

Chandra Garsson said...

Popular shmopular.