Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"Writing Home"--Not such a unique name, after all

I named this blog "Writing Home" thinking it was a clever play on words. I was very spontaneous and didn't take any extra time to Google the phrase first, afraid I'd get lost in cyberspace and not make it back to writing the actual blog last night. I googled it tonight--not only are there many books with "Writing Home" as a title, but someone else already has a blog called "Writing Home."

Is that allowed in the blogging universe or is using a title that's already in use considered rude? I also found that "writing home" as a phrase picks up a lot of junk, like "Writing Home Page," etc.

How much thought am I supposed to be putting into this blog anyway? It might take me a couple of weeks just to think of a title that hasn't been used before unless I start tagging numbers onto them like an overused email address (e.g., "Writing Home293").

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