Monday, July 14, 2008

How Do Women Write?

As I said yesterday, I don't mean to make motherhood and writing, or mothers who write, the entire focus of this blog. There are already so many mother blogs out there, I don't feel I need to add my voice to them.

And though I love being a mother, it's not the entire focus of my life. In fact, when I write, and hit a groove when writing comes fast and easy,  I forget that I'm a mom or a wife. I forget social role and house and even body. Those grooves don't come so often now, with interruptions from children and necessary errands/chores to run off to, etc., but I know I crave those interactions too much to never want them. 

Anyway, wondering how women who write have dealt with being moms—or not—I tried to find a book or web page that has already delved into this topic. So far (admittedly mostly by using Google and looking at books in Amazon), I've found nothing specific to the topic. Biographies of female writers often answer this question, woman by woman, but I wanted to find something that looked at women writers historically, as a group.

So, I've started a web page on women writers and motherhood called How Do Women Write?

It's very sketchy at this point and I haven't put lots of energy into it yet because I'm still thinking I'm going to find a book or dissertation that has already examined this topic. 

If anyone knows of a book or web page that already answers this question, let me know. Otherwise, if you can think of a female writer I should add (especially if you have a lot of info on hand so I don't have to write  too much of it up!), let me know at: thebethblevins -at- Please put "Women Writers" in the subject line. I'm also interested in collaborators if anyone else wants to help me work on the page.

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