Thursday, October 22, 2009

Collecting a virtual library for my readers and me

I've been collecting links and articles over the last several months on topics that interest me, particularly those that I keep meaning to write about for the blog. But it occurred to me today that I could just post the links with minimal description, and make them findable under particular categories. For instance, I've bookmarked a few articles recently on the fate of newspapers; rather than try to add my own cry to the crescendoing dirge for newspapers, I'll just put them in a post indexed "newspapers."

To be honest, I'm doing this mostly for my own benefit, so that I can find things later, whether to re-read them more intently or to visit them for the first time. And doing this will help plump up my somewhat anemic "Special Features" section under "Writers Resources" and "Musings on Newspapers."

I still intend to write an essay a week, so this will an occasional supplement to my other postings.


Eric K. said...

One warning - some, if not most, of these links may expire at some point. As an alternative, for your own use, you could copy and paste the content into another more permanent place. The disadvantage, of course, is that you cannot actually share these with anyone because of copyright...

Beth Blevins said...

OK, good idea--I'll give both the URL and a citation to the print source, which is available for most of these. (If no print source available, I'll note and add a summary).